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Save heating costs at night in winter

Nice 21° is surely the right room temperature by day. But at night it’s whole another story. If you heat at full power by night, you are wasting not only energy and money. You also burn the candle at both ends. 16° are recommended by scientists as an ideal room temperature for a sleeping person. A restorative sleep and up to 50 % heating costs less is the chain of reasoning. Generally speaking, one degree less saves 6 % heating costs.

Heating costs: At long absence – anti icing position

If you leave your apartment for a longer time, you don’t need to heat. The brick work and furniture bears up without artificial heat without any difficulties. Therefore our recommendation: Turn down your heating if you are absent for less than three weeks, even in the cold seasons. An ideal position for your heating in that case, is definitely the anti icing position (ice sign at your thermostat) It saves your flat and heating from freezing, and doesn’t wastes energy and costs.

The right temperature can save money

A room temperature at about 21° is quite comfortable, but not necessary at all times. Rooms as guest rooms or the hall don’t need to have the same temperature as the other parts of your flat. An intelligent heating management saves money and energy. The following temperatures are recommended: Degrees:
– living room: 21°
– guest room: 15°
– bathroom: 23°
– hall: 15°
– child’s room/nursery: 20°
– sleeping room: 18°
– kitchen: 18°
– dining room: 20°

Generally speaking, one degree less saves 6 % of your heating costs.